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Tree Trimming & Restoration

Our team utilizes approved arboriculture methods to trim and maintain trees of all age, species, and size. Trimming and pruning your tree can remove old dead and dying branches, lift the canopy away from structures and walkways, thin the crown to increase light penetration and air flow, reduce the size and reach of the canopy, and restore a broken or poorly maintained tree.



Tree Removal

When it comes to removing dead, dying, hazardous, or undesirable trees from your property you want a team of professionals who use modern equipment and techniques to get the job done efficiently, but also a team who lives by a “Safety First” philosophy. Earth First focuses on removing unwanted trees with as little impact to your yard and life as possible, while ensuring that your property as well as our team is protected from harm.



Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Fire risk is an ever-increasing hazard in our dry season and mitigating those risks on your landscape can help prevent the spread of fire and protect your property. Our team can remove fuels that feed catastrophic wildfires such as standing dead timber, brush piles, and low hanging branches.


Aesthetics & Beautification

The look and feel of your property is important to how you enjoy your time outside. Our team takes pride in being able to listen to our clients personal aesthetic needs and apply our aboricultural knowledge to make it a reality. Trust us to prune, shape, and train your treescape to match your vision.


Brush Removal

The unwanted brush can be difficult or time consuming for a homeowner to manage and remove. Old twigs and branches provide fuels for fire, occupy valuable yard space, create habitat for rodents and insects, and can be a terrible eye-sore. Our team can efficiently remove piles of brush, chip it, and remove it from your property.


Stump Removal

Stumps are almost always in the way and can prevent the use of yard space, make it impossible to plant around the stump, provide habitat for unwanted insects, or be an ugly blight in your yard. We can safely and mechanically remove stumps from your landscape.


Lawn Services

We have your lawn mowing needs covered, plus we offer the full range of yard services for complete property care. Click HERE to go to our lawn care website.

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