Hazardous Fuels Reduction

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Fire risk is an ever-increasing hazard in our dry season and mitigating those risks on your landscape can help prevent the spread of fire and protect your property. Our team can remove fuels that feed catastrophic wildfires such as standing dead timber, brush piles, and low hanging branches.

With an increase in instability in the environment, wildfires, and other hazards have become frequent. In 2018 Washington State lost 438,868 acres to wildfire, 84% of those fires were human caused.

Our team follows industry accepted strategies and apply experience and professionalism to help protect your property from wildfire. We will remove material that will reduce the risk of a catastrophic blaze and identify other fuels that could present fire danger in the future.

The strategy is to remove woody debris from the ground and process it for repurposing. After the ground is clear of woody debris, dead trees are removed from site. To finish, any dead or low hanging branches are removed. These branches are called “Ladder Fuels” and provide fire a means for climbing trees into the canopy.

Having potential fire fuels accumulating on your property can be a heavy burden on your mind. Let us help with a professional Fire Fuels Reduction treatment. Call today to set up a consultation with our International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist`.


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Hazardous Fuels Reduction
Hazardous Fuels Reduction1

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